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Goal: You can get ahead to the next level by making all the colored blocks on the board vanish. A block disintegrates when it touches another block of the same color.
Movement: Click on a block to select it. The selected block will have a light blue outline. A block can only move to an empty space directly left or right of its current position. Click an empty space in the desired direction to move the block. Don't forget that gravity pulls things down!
Scoring: Just like golf, each level in Vexed has a goal number of moves and your score reflects how much over or under that goal you are. It is possible to get below "par" on many levels. An overall lower score is better. You can get a breakdown of your score for this level pack or all packs by pressing the LEVEL button above.
Buttons: Click UNDO to go back up to 20 moves. Click MEMORIZE to remember the current block positions. The blocks will return to the memorized positions when you press RECALL. Click RETRY to start the current level over again.

Make your Own Levels: with the Level Editor!

Vexed is based on the PalmOS game of the same name by the Vexed Devlopment Team available at This game is Copyright 2001 by Peter Postma and can not be used or posted anywhere except on this site unless you have a written statement from the author allowing you to do otherwise.